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If your business was a charity what would your purpose be?

June 9th, 2010

Great question Duncan asked me the other day, it’s a nice way of putting it, and answers the why, why we exist, why we do what we do.

As Simon Sinek discusses below, why we (as an organisation) do something is often underlooked, and those that understand why they do something perform magnitudes times those that don’t.

Give Duncan’s post If You Were a Charity What Would You Do? a read and watch Simon’s video below.


Who? What?

July 29th, 2009

If I can’t relate what you’re saying or who you are mentioning to my frame of reference I’m lost.

I do not really care if so and so said that.  If I have no idea who they are it doesn’t establish anything for me.

Remember who you are talking to and who or what they relate to.

As if you can make the connection they will get it.  Otherwise they are lost.

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