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Yay, our new podcast finally sees the light: This Week in Digital Marketing #1

August 1st, 2010

I’ve been long organising (and justifying the time) to invest in a podcast for Young & Shand, we’ve finally got it going with This Week in Digital Marketing #1: We can’t help but talk about Facebook.

I’d love your feedback, so give it a watch (and yes iTunes/MP3 versions are on the way) and let me know what you think.

This Week in Digital Marketing #1: We can’t help but talk about Facebook from Ben Young on Vimeo.

Young & Shand: The journey begins

December 10th, 2009

Update: The Young & Shand site is live now! (just updating post to capture search traffic).

As is the spirit of the blog – you all get the pre-pre-announcements.  Over the past year Duncan Shand & I have worked together on numerous projects (quite successfully) so much so that we have decided to join forces and create Young & Shand a Digital Agency.

Things will really kick off in the New Year (to give us time to enjoy the lovely kiwi summer) but keep an ear out.  We’ll be working on our Manifesto to give you guys (and everyone else) an idea of what we stand for.

It’s still early days yet but just a heads up…


We are hiring! We need a Designer / Dev (Generalist) / Marketing Strategist.  More details to follow but can email [email protected] if anything is of interest.

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