The Infinity Assumption

August 19th, 2008

Content is king is the oldage saying of Internet Marketing

It still is (we’re still telling stories right)

However is your content scalable?

Have you maximised the opportunity for it to spread?

If not.ย  Your wasting time.ย  Build some systems now for all content.

Make the infinity assumption.ย  My content will be out there for infinity.ย  Surely i should put some systems in now to leverage the time component.

Some ideas:

  • Share via a blog
  • Share on
  • Integrate social bookmarking (make it easy for friends to share)
  • Destroy any barriers to accessing your content
  • Get it syndicated

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One Response to “The Infinity Assumption”

  1. stuart Says:

    I find it interesting that the default format for “white papers” or other in-depth articles is PDF. People seem to think it makes it more “official” to provide a PDF of an article. But if that article is published on the web in HTML then it allows others to easily link to it, quote it, it makes it more accessible, works on all computers, and is infinitely more scalable.

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