Apple vs Googles approach to change

August 26th, 2013

Both Google & Apple know that the limiting factor to technology development is adoption.  If consumers aren’t on board, adopting the product, it’s going to be short lived.  As great as the technology is if no ones using it there’s no point.

So they both take different paths,

Apple, prepare the masses for it, through small continual changes. Significant changes every two years and tweaks in between.  Apple 5, the 5S coming out soon – mirroring their past lifecycle of a significant change every other year.  This means continual momentum and time to think it through.  The argument can be, that you’re holding technology back but are you if you’re getting continual adoption? Surely at some point this pace of change will speed up.

Google, does the opposite, it pushes expectations, to ready us for the change. They don’t mind if someone else executes, it they want the future faster.  This approach means a  lot more thrashing people get uncomfortable with the change but a few get it.  They build on it early and help foster the eco-system.  The key here is to hold on during the initial change.

Both work (clearly) just interesting to see as entities the different approaches.

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