Benchmarking: Driving as an analogy

June 10th, 2008

Benchmarking, is about setting a goal and trying to beat that.

Think about when you drive somewhere.

Let’s say driving to work.

As per experience it takes 25 mins.

You are running late and only have 20 mins.

You still make it on time?

What just happened? Well you got creative, maybe you took a different route, drove a little faster, or didn’t stop for coffee.

Now apply this to other things.

Where do you want your business to be by when? What can you do to be creative?

Benchmarking. It’s an interesting thing.

Note: Like driving. If the benchmark is too impossible. You will fail and be late. Or take unnecessary risks (think speeding vs employee burn out).

Update: Interchanged Analogy for Metaphor in title.ย  Not quite a metaphor really. (thanks Karen!)

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