Developing word of mouth

March 3rd, 2009

And the magic answer is:

Turning up.

And then….

Blowing everyone away.

Pretend your Schwarzenegger.  Leave everyone in awe.  Believe me they’ll talk.

(Note: I fib there is never a magic answer but this is one)

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3 Responses to “Developing word of mouth”

  1. Nathaniel Flick Says:

    I think the opposite can also be true. Imagine your friends are all whispering about this amazing performer or thing they saw last week, and you HAVE to download their stuff.

    How could you NOT know about this? Your incredulous friends will ask…

    But you’ve not heard a word of this person/thing anywhere else, just this friend of a friend recommendation.

    Sometimes mystique alone can create buzz; but the larger buzz probably applies to your blog post.

  2. Ben Young Says:

    Exactly but why are they whispering? You must have been worthy to talk about.

  3. Nathaniel Flick Says:

    They are whispering because they want to keep this thing to themselves, but can’t help talking about it.

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