Entrepreneurship is Marketing

March 31st, 2009

Ok stay with me for a minute.

Marketing traditionally has meant to you, putting some advertising out, get your message in front of enough people, you convert a few to sales.  The return used to be enough to justify it.

However in a market where people are counting their pennies, you just aren’t getting the same return you used to.

Now organisations are going hey time to try something new.

Word of Mouth is on the tip of everyones tongue.

How do you stimulate word of mouth? Through action.  Actions that are worth talking about.  

Right so we have gone from advertising to action in all of 30 seconds.

Now how can you stimulate action? Through entrepreneurship.

Stimulate entrepreneurial traits in your employees, to try something new, perhaps it will make you a few more dollars but also send a message to the market.

Innovation, sales & marketing? Entrepreneurship is marketing. (And always has been).

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3 Responses to “Entrepreneurship is Marketing”

  1. @MattWilsontv Says:

    Getting WOM marketing takes creativity and hustle. Staying entrepreneurially minded is key!

  2. Julian Says:

    Innovation = Creating a great bath design
    Entrepreneurship = Creating the first bath
    Development = Building the bath and playing with materials
    Marketing = Pouring water in the bath (and finding water)
    Sales = Collecting water from the plughole
    Lost Leads = Spillage
    Resource = Volume of water you can hold
    Management = Making sure the bath doesn’t overflow
    Franchise – Sell another bath concept to someone

  3. Khurram Says:

    Thanks for writing a thorough article about marketing. I learnt something new and hope to test drive your ideas soon. Awesome article!!

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