Evaluating business opportunities: finding the signal in the noise

September 28th, 2009

My grandma always used to say to me; there are two kinds of people in this world, those who do and those who don’t.

The same can be said when evaluating business opportunities, those that do them and those that talk.

The question is how can you tell which are serious and those that are just excited about an idea (and have no substance).

First thing is to look at their body language, when you ask the hard questions how do they respond? Do they fidget a lot, touch their face or kind of give a winded response. Chances are they have their doubts.

Also check up on their history, do they follow through on ideas or bounce from idea to idea?

What about boundaries and responsibilities? The hot air guys often juggle a lot and aren’t solid with boundaries. ย Those that are seriously value yours and their time. ย They also have no qualms about setting boundaries, goals.

Finally putting money on the line, can be a quick qualifier (but also a false one) so make sure this is in align with other positive signals.

I’m not saying you aren’t going to have a fruitful relationship (hey the second idea might be the winner) but throw caution into the wind, your time is way too valuable to waste.

What else do you use to separate the signal from the noise?

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One Response to “Evaluating business opportunities: finding the signal in the noise”

  1. Matt @ Kurb Says:

    This made me think of the Marc Ellis types I deal with, and Ali Williams . . . again.

    They bellow down the phone about proudly bloated budgets and who they know.

    I probably worry and think things through more than Marc Ellis and I certainly don’t have that kind of “confidence” or his connections but for that I’d say I am grateful!

    I read when Ali Williams etc started their business and I wondered if being a profile sports star gave them any advantage. Perhaps not.

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