Getting into a routine freelancing

October 24th, 2013

In the shift up to NY, it’s like starting from scratch again – but with a bank of support behind you (thanks to the team back home!)

But in that shift we’re based out of a shared office in New York (Grind Spaces) which is excellent, I was able to pop in and get started day after arriving.  It’s a healthy mix of startups, freelancers and events being run – I quite like it.

But one observation I’ve noticed, is that as it’s got colder, on a cold day there is noticeably less people in the office.  That is more people are deciding to come in later or work from home.  I understand but if you want to get the business grinding you’ve really got to get more disciplined.

To really crack freelancing and grow it you’ve got to into a routine, consistently, as with consistent inputs you’ll get better results.  Charles Duhigg wrote this great book about habits, what they are, how they form and really how you can adjust your own habits for your benefit.  After reading that I redesigned my morning to develop new habits, things as simple as leaving the keys by the front door, getting my gym gear out and ready – packing my bag before I go to bed.  Simple things but they meant that when I got up my day got off to a great (frictionless) start – which of course a great start sets me up for success each day.

Freelancing is tough – don’t let something easily fixed hold you back.


If you are freelancing, a wrote a blog series on it a while back, growing from that to a business, read it here

And even if you’re not The Power of Habit is a great book to make you look at your own habits.

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