Going out on your own: Pursuing the Passion 35, 36 & 37

December 20th, 2009

#35: Deliver the unexpected
Remember your client delivery doesn’t end when the final payment comes in, follow up, give them some surprise bonuses, unexpected benefits are the cornerstone of my client delivery.

#36: Quit! (fail fast)
Quit and quit often. I fail at lots of projects, it helps me to recognise something is failing and quit early.

#37: Persevere
Persevere.. the rewards really do come to those that turn up and turn up consistently. My theory is every interaction you have is a potential customer in the waiting, not in the next 3 months but the next 5 years, they will either have a need for your product or have an encounter with someone who does. Your in this for the long haul, so act like that.

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