How does this conclude?

February 28th, 2019

It’s not really a question I’d ask when I was younger, if something was directionally ok, I’d follow it.

Now, especially with environmental concerns (and that’s where it’s starting) I’m going what do I do with this when it’s done?

For example, I bought two stools, which I love. At some point, they will need repair, or repainting or I’ll want to move them on. But I never once considered these in my purchase.

I went, I want a couple of good quality, nicely designed, comfortable stools for our kitchen counter. Something that I will like and cherish and value for time to come. I didn’t go, hang on, are these recyclable? Can I resell them? How repairable are they?

The patina they develop over time is assured. But I think these features of products over time will come in to popular culture. How long will this last? How does it get better over time?

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