Inefficient code leads to inefficient use of electricity

February 24th, 2014

I’m streaming launch festival today, and Kanishk Parashar of Coin was speaking – talking about why what they’re working on hasn’t already been done.

One thing he noted was “writing code that is low energy as well” – efficient code with low power hardware i.e. bluetooth.

That reminded me of an article my good friend Dan Heier sent me, focused on Sustainable Web Design, that is it looks at the real cost of serving up a web page.  I.e. A 2008 paper from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory suggests it takes 13kWh to transmit 1GB!

Apple is focused on this as well building an energy score on apps in Maverick – meaning you can see what impact an application has on your battery life.

Worth thinking about, how does our code impact the power consumption at the other end and what’s the real cost of that?



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