Making opportunities and running in thunderstorms

April 8th, 2010

You have to know opportunity when it knocks, what it looks like (it looks like a challenge). Often it’s fun that looks like a challenge or a challenge that looks like fun.

You have to be prepared for it, opportunity is like going for a run between breaks in a thunderstorm, you watch for the opportunity, you know what it looks like but you have your running gear on.

You have to seize it, quick. Again YOU. That’s ‘your opportunity uncovered’ so attack.

Simple. Not hard.

How do you get better at making and seizing opportunities? Plan for hundreds of opportunities.

List all the stuff you want to do (it’s no co-incidence that Bill Gates plans a decade ahead and is able to seize the opportunities that allow him to complete them). And prepare for them.

The more you seize the more you learn to ignore that nagging voice inside which stops you, slows you down and really is the reason you can’t sleep at night.

Doing stuff can be as frictionless or as tough as you want it. You just need to refine that ability to push through and do what needs to get done.

In short you make opportunities through the three p’s: Planning, Preparing and Pouncing.


Photo Credit: Jijis008


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