Marketing after the fact

August 12th, 2008

Marketing after the fact should be consistent.

Case in point.

I recently canceled my storage unit at a local storage firm.

As we held a bond and prepaid a month my account was in debit.

Awesome.ย  At this point in time I was happy with the service, helpfulness of the company.ย  On my recommend list.

6 weeks later my account has still not been settled even after numerous emails.ย  They then post a cheque to my old address (even though i explicitly stated when i finished up my address has been changed).

Now they offer to deposit it into my account.ย  That’s fine.


From my perspective.ย  You have wrecked what was otherwise a positive customer experience.ย  Do you think I would recommend them again? Doubt it.

Marketing continues after the exchange, it is in the sizzle consumers receive, do not burn a customer because they have switched brands or ended the relationship.ย  That way they never come back.ย  Or recommend you.

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