Mine is smaller than yours

March 1st, 2009

That is the argument I want to be hearing.

How is your small team outpeforming the big clunky guys?

ReadWriteWeb queried over twitter what’s next after web 2.0? I responded:

“Startups powered by 1-4 people, ultra small niche to dominate in, started for under $20k” 

This has been requoted a few times as people have discussed the topic over and over again.

Web 2.0 was the term to describe the wave of internet businesses that have grown in the past few years (technical details aside).  Web 3.0 is the new wave.

Extending my initial thoughts Web 3.0 will be where the web connects with the real world and the distinctions between the two become blurred.  Are we really an online company? or offline? It will be hazy, it will be gray.

The power in this new wave will be in the ability of small teams; mainly collections of evangelists, working in unison to solve minute problems, on a global scale.

Growing these companies will not be about getting big, it will be about agility and efficient delivery.

Thus the argument 3 years from now will not be, mine is bigger than yours, it will be mine is smaller than yours!

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3 Responses to “Mine is smaller than yours”

  1. Mike Riversdale Says:

    Interesting thoughts.
    Not sure the world will be quite as transformed as you believe in a mere 3 years time and certainly won’t ever be for all sections of humanity. But, within certain niche markets (IT being the first and obvious one) I think you’re onto it.

    However the cry won’t be “How small are you?” but, “How connected are you?”

  2. Elliot Alexander Says:

    Nice post Ben. Started for under 20K actual cash maybe, but hundreds of thousands of dollars of unpaid/unrecorded human hours.

    I have meet a few “egroups” (groups of evangelists) hard at it in their spare time to be the next iphone app hero or social network success. They are super fun and far ahead of their own time. They are almost inventing the future.

    Here we are discussing web 3.0. But the majority of NZ’s biggest brands still haven’t grasped it (let alone the web). Should they skip 2.0 and go straight for 3.0?

  3. Ben Young Says:

    @Elliot great question, “Should they skip 2.0 and go straight for 3.0?”. In short yes but they will fail. Big companies will take the big company approach to web 3.0 which is contradictory to what works. However IF they don’t give it a go the younger generations will own the space.

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