Push based Marketing

January 18th, 2010

In typical fashion during a wine tour over the weekend I quietly quizzed the operators on their marketing strategies.

I was amazed to find not many knew of WineVaultTv or WineLibraryTV.

That aside the predominant strategy for young brands was push based. That is their focus was on getting distribution then hoping for sales.

(Big picture is then to convert sales into repeat customers etc etc)

Whilst this clearly does work – it’s a tiresome journey that erodes profits in the early days (with sales garnered through retail promotions).

A much much smarter strategy would be to focus on pull based marketing, that is making your wine so dam attractive that consumers are demanding it. Then the distribution is calling them! Who has the power then?

I’m not saying the former doesn’t work… it’s just weak.


2 Responses to “Push based Marketing”

  1. Steve Nathan Says:

    Having spent the last 2 years working to establish our wine brand/label I have seen both sides of this situation. Like with any brand it is a checken and egg situation ie you have to get the public to try it before they will demand it but if you have no-one stocking the wine then there is no way you can get them to taste it.

    We decided to focus our efforts in the first 18 months on our cellar door and on creating an experience which makes people want to come again and more importantly makes them talk about you.

    From that base we are now widening our net to include retailers and restaurants in the North Island. We are also suggesting visitors go to their local wine shop and ask for our wine. This has had a little success.

    At the end of the day it is a long hard road and even having a great product does not gaurantee success. I believe the more important factor is authenticity and having a story which resonates with your audeince.


  2. Ben Young Says:

    @Steve It is a bit of chicken & egg – a portfolio approach to your Marketing strategy obviously going to hold up much stronger than all your eggs in one basket.

    Well said:
    “I believe the more important factor is authenticity and having a story which resonates with your audience.”

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