Running a Twitter Campaign

December 21st, 2008

Twitter is a great platform for conversation. 

However how could you run a marketing campaign on it?

Criteria would be:

  • Remarkable content
  • Idea worth spreading
  • Of actual benefit to those who consume it

If you were to fulfill these, how could you spread the word?

Same as any strategy, plan, line up your chess pieces and execute.

My strategy would be around:

  • Have a series of tweets, to provide background information or arouse curiousity
  • A follow up tweet with the actual subject
  • Stimulate discussion tweets.

Then target 5 users in your niche to engage in it, with slightly different variations of the tweets.

An example would be:

  1. bwagy: checking out this cool video @bwagy sent me
  2. bwagy: hilarious, check out this video from @bwagy http://blog.local
  3. bwagy: what did you think? watch it here http://blog.local retweets appreciated

Of course this only works for the criteria above and with people you have solid relationships with.

It’s more of an initiative to maximise coverage of your first and second tier networks of your offering.

The next step would be to do multiple timezones within a 24 hour period to ensure global coverage.

You can then directly measure through tracking webpage visits and tweets (using

That’s what I would do if I was to try and get a message out over twitter.

This information is worth thousands to the right person so help spread it for me as its free 🙂

Update: Tweet this to share:

Running a campaign on Twitter by @bwagy [make sure to add your comments when you tweet]

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7 Responses to “Running a Twitter Campaign”

  1. Peter Hodge Says:

    Your strategy is sound, do you have any idea of the total number of twitter users in NZ? would be interesting to track each timezone or country to see how and who was spreading your word. I think it has a place, but wouldn’t work for everything.

    I like your posts Simon, always a clear perspective on things.

  2. Ben Young Says:

    Simon? Wrong blog haha this is Ben Young aka @bwagy on twitter.

    I suspect about 1000 active users based on a few measures I’ve done.

    It would be interested and you could track it as well, clearly the post research would take some time.

  3. Peter Hodge Says:

    Sorry mate, came through to the page from a a link Simon posted on Facebook.

    might make for a good case study. are you actually running a twitter campaign at present or is it theory at moment?

  4. Ben Young Says:

    Nothing currently putting the idea out there for feedback, then will go away and test if for a few people 🙂

  5. Matt @ Kurb Says:

    Just wanted to say definitely interested in what you “Young guys” come up with, just because I believe a lot of cats on twitter (ahem “social media experts”) are just playing out and 2k9 will be very interesting because the early majority is kicking in now, and clients are going to want to see more than parroting chris brogan et al and cute branding strategies.

  6. Ben Young Says:

    Thanks Matt, your right me and Simon Young of iJump are putting together some material on Twitter of which spawned this and a few other blog posts.

    (You can read more over on iJump

    I look forward to seeing how the platform changes and grows.

  7. Paul Spence Says:

    Good points..and yes we did RT for you.

    Micro-bloggers must remember that community-building is about engagement. That means continually creating conversations and sharing advice and content.

    Twitter will make more inroads in 2009, so it behoves us to become skilful in its use.

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