September 4th, 2012

When we learn & train, we’re in essence doing simulations of the real world. What others have done, how we should react and what we should do – based on prior performance.

Simulations give us the opportunity to do better. To experiment. To try something different. Without fair of reprisal.

It’s kind of like how kids test their parents. Where are the limits. What happens when you can circumvent them.

Flight manual checklists are refined based on how pilots respond in simulations. Making sure that they understand what they need to do and that they consistently perform the key actions.

Sales professionals do role practice sales call, refining their pitches.

The military have many War Game simulations to continually test and refine operations.

Stock markets have simulations to allow you to play and learn with fake money.

Always worth a go. It’s when people can test without fear of retribution that they do so.

Games are often the easiest way to get into this, have a hunt around, you’d be surprised at what simulations you can find.

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