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Machine learning rounding out the corners

August 25th, 2017

Listen to these (scroll to the bottom).

Siri improved by machine learning, IOS 11

You can see the real effect of how machine learning can round out the corners on a product or service.

Apple used it to remove the robotic effect Siri has and bring emotion in.

It’s something -> that without machine learning, was just simply put going to require too much effort (otherwise they would have done it already).

When you listen to the audio, imagine this metaphor applied to any software experience. It literally is just leaps and bounds ahead.


Creating a sense of ownership

June 18th, 2012

That tactility, once you pick it up you can’t put it down.

Apple stores purposely tilt the screens just enough so you can’t quite see it, so you reach out and adjust the screen. Then you can start playing with it and you start to get a sense of ownership.

They’ve all been loaded with games, apps and of course internet access. Heck just pop in and use the internet for free.

How do you create a sense of ownership? Getting your customers involved so they can actually take ownership of what you’re offering.

Kind of like what Michael Gerber was saying when I meet him, the best companies allow their customers to create.

Movements all start somewhere, just look at Ferrari (before you turn the key)

July 15th, 2010

I was reading (yet again) another article on the latest Ferrari coming out and it struck me.  That this movement, the Ferrari movement, it started from somewhere.  Yes there was a time before Ferrari.

And I know that sounds dead obvious but step back a second.  And relook.

There was a time before Apple; before Ferrari, before Justin Bieber – and what that means is what they’ve created is entirely possible for anyone to achieve, that is, do not get intimidated by what these guys achieve, it is entirely do-able, they all started somewhere, from an idea.

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