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21st Century Bookstore

November 2nd, 2008

A bookstore with a difference.

Mix traditional bookstore + Amazon = a bookstore for the 21st century.

Normal bookstore. 

Build an online store (or co-brand Amazon) using recommendations & reviews off Amazon for use IN the store.

Consumers are not stupid, they know they can get books online cheaper, we go to the bookstore for the experience and we want it now (not in 2-3 days).

If that’s what we want why not enrich that experience?

Provide recommendations and honest reviews of the books, provided by customers.

You can then model purchases, and when someone purchases one book give them an instant 20% off certificate to buy another one, or to give to their friends.

You can see that bookstores are far from reaching their potential.  

What else would you do?

(I’m thinking blogs, communities, facebook, online ordering)

Book reviews are boring – create a manifesto instead

October 19th, 2008

I read a lot of books but almost never upload a review.

Why bother uploading a book review? It’s trapped in their system forever.

If your really passionate about a book forget writing a review.

What I suggest is you create a manifesto sharing the best parts of the book, your commentary, or some insights.

Give people a taste of what the book provides.

Sell them by helping them (giving them an inside look) and giving them a taste.

I thought, the best way to do this, is by showing you.

So I have prepared a manifesto on, Business Stripped Bare by Richard Branson.

You can download it here (if your having trouble downloading) or view below (best viewed fullscreen).

If you enjoy it, print it out, share with your friends and grab the book.

Makes sense huh? have a book of your own? Trying to convince a friend to read this great book you love?

Make a short manifesto, sell by showing, and help your idea spread.

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