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You will pay for content, where you consume it

October 21st, 2010

That is, the website or blog may be free.

The iPhone app costs a couple of bucks.

Or the Kindle stream costs you a few bucks amonth.

Or you still get the printed copy.

This is where content is going, pay for how you receive it, just the same as water.

Water from the tap is free unless it’s bottled or carbonated or served at a restaurant.  People will pay, in the right place, in the right form.

Would you pay to participate?

February 11th, 2010

Just earlier this afternoon I was talking to some great guys from Otago University around content and monetisation.

My position (clearly) has been around freemium, providing a basic or standard edition for free then you pay for the delivery of that in a premium format (ie audiobook, physical copy, pdf etc). That’s exactly what I did with The Best Ideas are Free.

The question put back to me was – would you pay to participate?

I think I would to be honest – if you asked me to contribute a chapter or even a paragraph to a book I probably would (Update this doesn’t help with my point please ignore)..

Do you think you guys could help me out? Would you pay to contribute participate in the creation of my next book (or more importantly any other book?) (hey it’s not finished yet so you could easily) if so what would you pay?

Update: I just need to clarify I’m focusing on participation, not guaranteed inclusion so you might pay to go through the creative process, or research or key points or brainstorming – become part of the experience.  Writing a chapter was just an example.

Just curious.  Answer the poll below… I’ll share the results and if you vote, leave your name in the comments I’ll randomly pick someone to send a copy of The Best Ideas are Free (open worldwide).

If you could please retweet, email to your friends or post to Facebook that would be great – I am more intrigued/curious at this stage than actually serious about implementing.

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