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Business as a Wiki

February 20th, 2014

The power of the Wiki is in the fact that we can all contribute.  If it’s not right we can fix it.  Or if it’s controversial we can debate it.

Also the end result is clear, better sharper knowledge for all to access.

So you have a community of people motivated around achieving that goal, in a way they can all positively contribute.

It’s a great metaphor for how businesses should be fun, a clear goal for all and a clear way for everyone to contribute in a constructive way against that.  Most businesses are geared that way but don’t embrace the participation part, everyone should know how they add to the overall goal and how their peers also contribute.


The "not my job" people

May 20th, 2010

You know the kind, “can’t do that, it’s not my job”.

It’s very easy (for me or anyone to say) they shouldn’t exist.

Truth be told, the fact that they exist in an organisation often reflects the companies culture.

However if you can change their attitude in such an environment, it’ll help, make the swing.

Reward initiative, reward ideas, reward risk.  Most of all reward those that sidestep their job description to get the job done.

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