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We need heroes! (yup I'm calling you Superman)

January 21st, 2010

Given the increasing clutter in the online world there is huge focus on filters – YouTube shows you the most popular videos, Amazon recommends products for you, Twitter shows trending topics.

All to help you engage to avoid being overwhelmed.

That’s all good and great but people still thirst for that human interaction.  We need some heroes!

Someone that spearheads a topic, grabs it and really drives the market.

They become the reference point, the thought leader, a position that maybe couldn’t have existing until the internet allowed you to be the best in the world at it.

We are here now.  What causes do you champion? What are you passionate about? Chances are you’re a superman (or woman!) that someone needs.  Now.

Photo Credit: Xurble

Establishing Filters

March 29th, 2009

Filters can come in the form of networks, relationships, applications, physical filters.

  • TechCrunch is a filter of tech news, in amongst all the news, they filter the good stuff out.
  • Our Twitter networks are our own filter, filter of timely and relevant conversations to us.
  • Traditionally Newspapers & the evening news have been filters.
  • Seth Godins Triiibes is a filter in itself, a private group of people with a common interest.
  • Google Alerts setup for your niche, emails you when stories appear of interest.

How can you develop a filter for your passion? or your industry?

By providing a filter you create a barrier between the signal and the noise.  You will be rewarded for that.

Maybe even you are the filter? 

Have a think about it, create one if necessary, the best thing about it? You are helping others, of which you can build a business out of, or just build your own brand.

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