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Crafted Curated Words #1: Creative Inspiration

June 2nd, 2011

Following up yesterdays post. Today I sell words. Words that help boost stimulate creativity when you’re stuck.

This is easy.

Are you a blogger? writer? Curator? Creative?

Do you have to help clients create content?

Need some inspiration?

This idea is super easy. Takes 15 minutes to set up. Helps you whenever you’re stuck and need some creative inspiration.

Absolute gold if you live/die by the quality of your ideas.

18 words. 1 idea.

$18 USD.

Tomorrow you will receive a simple pdf with the idea.

If you implement and aren’t happy, email me and I’ll do a refund, no stress.

[Note: all proceeds go to my Kiva account, so I can make more loans! And hit my goal.]

Without fanfare

October 6th, 2009

Starting without fanfare is a bit daunting and quite scary.

Shouldn’t I be shouting from the rooftops about what I’m doing?

Yes and no.

Shout from the rooftops once you’ve tested your product with paying customers AND they think it’s awesome.

However who starts off like that? Starting without fanfare lets you operate under the radar, quietly refine and build your business.

It also means you have market potential rather than converting a market that is fatigued by your shouting.

A good analogy is the franchise, do you think they rolled out hundreds of McDonalds then figured out how to make a convenient meal?

Free T-Shirts are so boring

September 22nd, 2008

First off.

They’re free.  

Which establishes low value. So we’re not actually likely to wear them at all.

Given the cost I suspect that getting you to wear them is not the key part, they want you to discuss their product as you received a freebie.

Let’s change this.

How about, you hire a designer off threadless to make an awesome t-shirt that may or may not feature your brand and give it away.  

You then provide two opportunities for conversation.

1) X company gave me freebies.

2) Hey I like your t-shirt where did you get it from?

3) You will actually desire to wear the t-shirt vs throw it out. (and thus allowing greater opportunities for discussion everytime it’s worn)

Give it a shot, why not? We all know everyone throws those t-shirts out anyway.

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