Crafted Curated Words #1: Creative Inspiration

June 2nd, 2011

Following up yesterdays post. Today I sell words. Words that help boost stimulate creativity when you’re stuck.

This is easy.

Are you a blogger? writer? Curator? Creative?

Do you have to help clients create content?

Need some inspiration?

This idea is super easy. Takes 15 minutes to set up. Helps you whenever you’re stuck and need some creative inspiration.

Absolute gold if you live/die by the quality of your ideas.

18 words. 1 idea.

$18 USD.

Tomorrow you will receive a simple pdf with the idea.

If you implement and aren’t happy, email me and I’ll do a refund, no stress.

[Note: all proceeds go to my Kiva account, so I can make more loans! And hit my goal.]

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