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Entrepreneur in Residence

April 13th, 2009

EIR for short, an entrepreneur in residence is what Venture Capital firms seek, they invite an entrepreneur in to help them put together a solid idea.  

Very smart, identify a real go getter whom you want to work with, invite them in.

My question is why are only venture capitalists doing this?

I think big companies should hire entrepreneurs, to come in, sit in their organisation for a few months, bring their outside in view and generate real change within the organisation.

Act as a your own venture capitalist in your industry..

I’d love to see that, hey we hired Guy Kawasaki to come sit in our offices for 3 months, help us come up with some game changing ideas.

From my point of view that would be real fun but also a good way to hear ideas from the edge, observations on how to improve, or just a different point of view.

Really want some culture change? Hire a dozen entrepreneurs seed them in different divisions.

You can't do everything! Create Scarcity

February 3rd, 2009

When the cut comes to the chase we get things done.

And we also naturally flesh out work to fill the time before completion (Parkinsons Law).

Just as creating scarcity in your industry creates value,

Limiting your time input each day forces you to prioritise, challenge yourself and be more effective.

(As your time has become more valuable)

Its too easy to work over time but much more rewarding to work within time and complete everything.

Building in a time constraint ensures you become innovative with your own activities.

I think once you can accept you can’t do everything you will really see the value in this

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