Entrepreneur in Residence

April 13th, 2009

EIR for short, an entrepreneur in residence is what Venture Capital firms seek, they invite an entrepreneur in to help them put together a solid idea.  

Very smart, identify a real go getter whom you want to work with, invite them in.

My question is why are only venture capitalists doing this?

I think big companies should hire entrepreneurs, to come in, sit in their organisation for a few months, bring their outside in view and generate real change within the organisation.

Act as a your own venture capitalist in your industry..

I’d love to see that, hey we hired Guy Kawasaki to come sit in our offices for 3 months, help us come up with some game changing ideas.

From my point of view that would be real fun but also a good way to hear ideas from the edge, observations on how to improve, or just a different point of view.

Really want some culture change? Hire a dozen entrepreneurs seed them in different divisions.

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