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The Reverse Integration (or interview) growth model

March 28th, 2011

If you’re a blogger it works by interviewing people & sharing the content on your blog.  You then grow your authority, networks & credibility.  Often then they will link to your blog & help you grow.

The other way is to integrate your website into lots of existing platforms (same metaphor) and let them promote your offering to their network.  I.e. integrating your project management software into Xero, or eCommerce plugins for PayPal etc.

Same frameworks just different scenarios.



The Intel Inside Model

June 24th, 2010

Intel were in a bit of a sticky position, they wanted to grow but as part of the value chain weren’t recognised by consumers, people couldn’t see the insides of their computers.

Thus they built the Intel Inside brand and stuck a sticker on every computer that was powered by their chips.

They poured money into marketing to help establish the brand, generate awareness and recognition.

Suddenly consumers became much more savvy and willing to discriminate based on the presence of Intel Inside.

This is a great model for businesses that operate behind the scenes and are trending towards becoming a commodity, it allows you to establish value and ensure your continual part in the value chain.

I’ve seen clothing companies do the same with fabric standards ie Gore Tex… you can be any brand but you want it to be Gore Tex.

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