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Balance of an eco-system

September 6th, 2010

With any system, you need to look at what inputs/outputs occur.

Specifically looking at carbon inputs/outputs.  I don’t want to delve into the scientific argument but just want to look at this balance.

When looking at reducing carbon emissions, there are a few fingers to point at: mainly farmers & cars (oil).

The second I understand, if the problem is too much carbon in the atmosphere – where did it come from? Underground where it was stored as oil/coal.

The former is only reusing carbon that is already in the atmosphere (or in plants)…

Thus the problem is capturing this carbon and pumping it back underground however that doesn’t solve our problem as we keep pulling more carbon out.

You see the eco-system is out of whack, we are putting more inputs in and expecting less outputs out – it just doesn’t work!

You’d be surprised on how often this happens! Structurally the same problem just a different context.

Blogging is a Marathon

October 13th, 2008

Blogging is a marathon.

There are hills, dips, long stretches.

The context weather changes…

Keep your eyes on the end goal and keep

Taking step after step.

Momentum is valuable, maintain it, if you lose it, it’s like starting running after you’ve stopped (painful).

Just keep taking those steps, even if they’re baby steps, do it!

Work in a startup? Different context.  Same application.

(and for those that haven’t yet read, look at my Blogging Strategy, takes 30 seconds to read)

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