Blogging is a Marathon

October 13th, 2008

Blogging is a marathon.

There are hills, dips, long stretches.

The context weather changes…

Keep your eyes on the end goal and keep

Taking step after step.

Momentum is valuable, maintain it, if you lose it, it’s like starting running after you’ve stopped (painful).

Just keep taking those steps, even if they’re baby steps, do it!

Work in a startup? Different context.  Same application.

(and for those that haven’t yet read, look at my Blogging Strategy, takes 30 seconds to read)

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One Response to “Blogging is a Marathon”

  1. Matt@Kurb Says:

    Dissecting my blogging strategy atm, the benefits are certainly undermined if you’re not committed long term and conversing, and you let the momentum go.

    Lucky I enjoy thrashing out ideas. IE . . . “conversing” with myself. heh

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