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McGregors Pies

March 25th, 2009

As a young boy McGregors Pies were famous (locally) for their mutton pies.

They were disgustingly unhealthy, you had to bite the side of it to drain out the fat, yuck.

But boy were they yummy.

Health aside, they still sold well, people would still stop in for a McGregors pie – even if it wasn’t the mutton pie.

You see that talking point was enough for them to stand out.

Being Different where it matters

September 25th, 2008

Being different is not always the best.

Some things should be the same.

But choose one area where you will be different.

Be different where it matters.

Sitting in a cafe last week for a meeting, I gazed across the beverages.

Glinting at me from the corner were 3 rows of bottled water.

Waiwera Bottled Water.  Shaped round like a rain droplet.  They offering a visual viewing experience.  So they stood out amongst the others.  If i want water.  That’s the one I’ll be grabbing.

They are different where it matters, at the right place (cafe’s) at the right time (i want a drink but not sugar).  Bang.  Other water’s have no chance.

So think about it.  Where does it matter that i’m different?

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