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Developing your ability to ask revealing questions

October 20th, 2010

That is questions that provide a different perspective, stimulate not only the recipient but yourself.

Questions that flip the perspective, provide more insight and potentially shine the light on new opportunities.

Get beyond the standard questions and delve deeper.  You not only owe it to yourself but to whom whose precious time you have requested.

You’ll know you’re getting it right when you hear “I’ve never heard it put like that” or “I’ve never thought of that” or most importantly “I like the questions you ask”.

You see questions aren’t give and take, the right question can give to both parties.

The awkward topics

October 3rd, 2010

Touching on them, finally asking those hard to ask questions are what moves us forward.

Improves the status quo.  Changes the now.  Makes the impossible a possibility.

Unfortunately too many of us stop asking them after the first couple but just so you know it does get easier, just like failing, you learn to roll with the punches.

Asking questions (so you avoid that stump & trip)

August 17th, 2010

It’s very basic, obsessively ask quesitons, why, how, what, when, why? and why again?

Asking the right questions; lessons learnt from reading a book

October 14th, 2009

Reading a book is an interesting experience, why do you start? Why do you continue? Why do you finish? Why do you tell others about it?

The answers to these surprisingly basic questions will probably yield more than you first realise.

Why do you start?

  • The back cover sold you on it
  • You heard great things about it
  • You had spare time of which you decided to read

Why do you continue, once you read one page why do you keep turning? Page after page?

  • Incomplete story, want to know the end
  • There is a lead in to the next page (how often do you stop reading at the end of a chapter vs the middle?)
  • It is little effort to do so

Why do you finish?

  • You wanted to get the full story
  • It was easy once you’d started
  • Satisfaction gained from finishing

Why do you tell others about it?

  • Story aka experience was so good want to share
  • They saw you with physical object, easy to share ie can loan my book
  • Talking point of which you are confident enough to talk on
  • If your friends like it they will think favourably of you (status)

Amazing what you can learn just by second guessing something you already do or most importantly by asking the right questions.

Making stuff that people care about

October 11th, 2009

Are you?

Posing Questions all day

September 6th, 2009

Isn’t exactly insightful (if that’s all you do).

It’s good – but people do get tired of it.  Have you read mainstream media?  People do like answers.  People find reassurance in answers.  People BUY answers.

But remember your answers get better with asking questions.

Catch 22 – but isn’t everything a paradox…

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