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Small Matters

February 19th, 2009

Small matters.

Enough said.

In my wind down from Tom Peters yesterday, the underlying theme was that small matters, it matters more now than ever before.

Focus on small things that result in behavioural differences.

For example he gave the case of:

“Docs, nurses make own checklists on whatever process-procedure they choose, Within weeks, average stay in ICU down 50%.  Source: Atul Gawande, “The Checklist” (New Yorker, 1210.07)”. (from Slide 74, download below)”

The next five years are going to be our defining legacy.  It is what we did during this time that we will remember.  

Download the slides from the Tom Peters blog, dig through them, print them out, there are lots of gems in there.

Small IS the new Big

September 10th, 2008

I keep hearing it more and more.

“We launched with 50% of what we wanted, we could have launched with 10%”

“Scale down, smaller is better”

“Going to the absolute smallest market we can find, now dominate globally”

Just some of the errings.

They’re all right.

As Seth Godin discusses, Small is the new Big.  Big ideas start off small and are being run by small teams.

Go small, focus, be big.

How can we deliver with less? less features, less resources, less employees…. less everything.

Guy Kawasaki’s aim was to just have a couple of guys and make a cool $1m/year (trumeours)

Now magnify his concept by 1000, 1000 micro businesses run by a couple of guys dominating their tiny niche globally.

Small is the new big.

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