Ten Barriers to Marketing Success

May 20th, 2008

Having worked with a number of Internet Start Ups over the years I have experienced these barriers first hand.

  • Marketing viewed as an expense. Start / Stop.
  • Wanting full control of content. Users MUST subscribe to access content.
  • Every Search Engine Ad needs my Brand in it.
  • Marketing is advertising. We don’t do that.
  • Voice overs are a great way to engage [scare off] users.
  • Instant results are best.
  • All communications must include a sales pitch.
  • Marketing is a mechanism to boost the entrepreneurs ego.
  • Conversations starting with “If only….”.
  • Entrepreneurs afraid of success.

On the flipside to break down these barriers:

  • Marketing is an investment. Treat it as such. Continual investment yields the best results. (Ever heard of compounding?).
  • Marketing is in every interaction in your business. Some companies marketing is that they focus all their energy into making a great product, think Google.
  • If your holding the business back maybe its time to step aside.
  • Trust the Marketing firm you’ve hired. If you can’t get someone you can!
  • The cost of lessons learnt from mistakes is often less than the cost of indecision.
  • Barriers restrict engagement.

Note: these are a minority, the majority of start ups get it.

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