The Double Space Legacy

October 30th, 2013

My wife Esther and blogger friend Marian always tell me off for the double spacing after a full stop.

It was a paradigm meant for typewriters!  Not digital communications.  I did learn to type on typewriters as our school couldn’t afford enough computers (fortunately that changed after a couple of years) which is where it started.

I still do it – I will probably change in time but it’s a great example of legacy learning, to help shift change you need to teach people en masse the new way of doing something.  At some point that will change and we need to change what we do.  Where we don’t it’s the next generation that will.

In the classic book vs kindle argument, people think they could never do without books.  That’s because they grew up with books, there’s a whole generation of kids growing up reading on a screen more than they ever will paper.  It’s a scale that’s only tipped in the last few years.

We’ve got to be conscious of what is legacy, what will change and what won’t till the next generation.  It’s these shifts which can creep up on, real fast.

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