Today marks the day of a new journal!

August 9th, 2010

Keeping a journal is a fantastic habit to have, you don’t realise the value till you have it and use it.

I jot down the date and notes during the day, each and every day, I’ve been doing it for a number of years now… (probably 6-8 years). ย I used to use pad and keep that on me, but journals last the time.

Last week I actually finished my second journal for the year, and are now on the third. ย Yay!

You see it keeps a nice history by day of what you were up to, places for sketches & ideas and is very handy to wind back the clock and see the key takeaways from each meeting (or what you were doing on a specific day).

I’m often referring back to meetings 6, 7 months ago, using my Google Calendar as a reference to check when I met someone.

So grab one today, make it a habit to carry it everywhere with you and jot down pertinent notes, I bet you do it anyway but just aren’t keeping it in a centralised location.

Extra: If you are already using a journal, what’s the best story you have from using it? I’d be keen to hear them.

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2 Responses to “Today marks the day of a new journal!”

  1. Jason Armishaw Says:

    I too love journals. I’ve got 6 filled, just starting my 7th now. Notes never get lost and are easy to refer back to. In fact, just the other week I was going through a goals journal and was able to check off several goals I didn’t even realise I had accomplished until i re-read my journal.

    Go the mighty journal!

  2. Simon Young Says:

    Journaling gives me clarity. I don’t just write down what happened, but I start to have a conversation with myself about it. For a slow thinker like me, it’s invaluable, and I can tell when I’m not journalling because I start to feel disconnected. A very good discipline to maintain.

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