True Global Competition

July 30th, 2009

Whilst countries have been negotiating and battling it out for Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) the internet has been sneaking up on us.

It has quietly provided a restriction free global platform (few exceptions in places like China) of knowledge.  Free Trade Agreements aside at a local level it is going to have an impact.  Someone in India can offer the same service as you cheaper, faster and much more effectively.

Knowledge can flow freely around the world… ie

Local charities now compete with the likes of Kiva for funding.

Admin now has to compete with Virtual Assistants.

Local book store competes with Amazon.

It may not be true for your industry (yet) so look ahead, embrace the change and prepare for it.

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One Response to “True Global Competition”

  1. Matt @ Kurb Says:

    This is huge. In fact it says to me that the value of skills is dropping and the value of ideas, grappling with new concepts and innovations is rising. I’ve made myself unpopular with plenty of graphic designers by telling them their only hope is to set up a graphic design outsourcing business or work for $5 p/hour.

    I just hope that NZ “gets it”, and soon, it may be the only way for us to stay competitive or regain the lost ground of the last few decades.

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