Using Adwords for Market Research (a startup use case)

February 28th, 2010

I have dozens of Adwords hacks but here’s one that’s hugely valuable for startups that helps you identify very quickly which markets you should be targeting.

  • Set up a Google Adwords campaign using keywords that describe your customers pain points
  • Break it up into regions, measure which get the highest impressions & click throughs, also note the level of competition (important in a crowded market)
  • Run it for a month

You can then narrow it down by region after collecting some data to find the market with the most potential.

I’ve done this numerous times but most recently for a client in an ultra niche market.  Their product is very innovative and only some segments of the market are worth talking to in the early days (the rest require education).  Thus we ran the campaign for a month, found very quickly (for under $200) where the main interest was – a specific country.

We also found out, that there was no competition in the market but also the level of interest which was approximately four times the next highest in the world.

Great – now our client can target an area where there is the absolute most interest.  Thus making growth a bit easier.

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2 Responses to “Using Adwords for Market Research (a startup use case)”

  1. Using Google Adwords for Market Research and Validation | Young & Shand Says:

    […] This is a use case I first discussed over at the bwagy blog, you can find the original here. […]

  2. Carolyn Aish Says:

    Ben, hi, cool to find you on the web (via KiwiFM article). I’m really keen to know more about Adwords as have been thinking about them for KiwiKate. The idea of some expert advice before I go ahead fills me wth hope. Would be good to hear from you. BW, Carolyn Aish

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