Waiting, stretching that eternal pause

September 16th, 2010

You want to leap in, say something, to fill the silence. ย But if you can hang in there a second it can make all the difference.

Talking in front of an audience, going as if to talk, then pausing a couple of seconds draws attention.

Waiting on the response to a touchy question, those few seconds wait pause helps extrapolate an answer.

Responding to a question after a couple of seconds demonstrates a thought out response.

It’s tough but remember that time is often on your side if you know how to use it.

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One Response to “Waiting, stretching that eternal pause”

  1. Nathaniel Flick Says:

    …great post. See what I did there?

    Ha. Actually, James Earl Jones agrees with you, an anecdote I heard once is he was asked why he doesn’t shout and scream in his deep voice.

    His answer was that if he holds something back it’s even MORE scary than if he gives it all he’s got. You always know he’s got move to give; something in reserve.

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