What gets Measured gets Managed

November 17th, 2008

It’s the old adage Peter Drucker came up with:

“What gets measured gets managed”

It’s very true.

The trap we all fall into is an addiction to metrics, hey this one reinforces our success better or this is neat.

The question you need to ask is:

  1. What are the objectives?
  2. What is the one metric that shows progress and success? (look at per objective)
  3. Ignore other metrics.

If this metric dictates your objective, focus on that, when you stop and review you can look at others, but do not let them distract you whilst your in the trenches.

Once you have this focus, you will notice as Drucker says “what gets measured gets managed” will drive your success.

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One Response to “What gets Measured gets Managed”

  1. paul Says:

    “What gets measured gets managed”

    Interestingly enough, my boss and i were talking about this .. but we had a different take

    “people do what you measure” … that can be the bane of a business especially with large businesses… more like blunt force trauma

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