Why do we indicate?

February 21st, 2010

Why do we indicate when we drive? Some infer the person in front of me indicating means I don’t need to; it’s a short turn no need, or there are lots of cars I’d better indicate.

The interesting thing is indicators aren’t for us.  They’re for others, we know where we’re going.

Except when we perceive a high risk, we will definitely indicate.  This is where I’m going.  Please don’t hit me.

That’s like a lot of things, if we think things are high risk (or stressful) we will panic a bit, make sure people know what we’re doing.  If it’s low risk we’ll let things slide. However it’s when things are carefree that you probably need to indicate.

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One Response to “Why do we indicate?”

  1. Greg Says:

    NZ drivers stand as one of my pet hates. They drive as if nothing can go wrong. Indicating is only a small indicator of the slack attitudes that pass for driving skills. I took a defensive driving course along with my driving test and as a result, I learned to see potential problems. And now I’m cursed to swear violently at every person who runs a red light, who dangerously changes lanes, who reverses into an arterial route, who cuts off a bus, who ignores pedestrians at a crossing… The list is quite long. It’s amazing some people have been given licenses in the first place, and even more amazing that no one has them taken away for constant demonstration of poor skill.

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