An effective speaker…

August 2nd, 2010

Creates a mesmerising experience by keeping on message, low language level, summarising and repeating through stories.

Old Point, Reason, Example, Point.

It’s very basic, it’s hitting those basics which makes it effective.

And also hard, as instinctively you want to wow through whizz bang, way out there stuff, however if you have a choice between the two, stick to the basics.

[Just my notes on reflecting some of the better speakers I’ve seen over the years]

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One Response to “An effective speaker…”

  1. Simon Raybould Says:

    Yep, you can’t beat the good ol’ PREP stuff, particularly for when you’re having to ‘wing it’ or when you’re replying to a tricky question (by which I mean one you’d not prepared for! 🙂 )

    Another one I use is PPF – Past, Present, Future: as in “In the past we had a problem with X but at the moment we’re doing Y, so that in the future we Z”.


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