Bringing your customers up to speed

January 25th, 2009

Complaint #1 of internet marketers: my clients don’t get it.

This weeks Monday Ideas post throws half a dozen or so ideas to help them get it.

So here are some ways to help them get it whilst delivering value to them.

  • Send a monthly newsletter of your 10 favourite blog posts
  • Highlight your own blog posts of relevance to your customers, make them into a small ebook and send them around.
  • Put together a compilation of podcasts, chuck them on an ipod and gift.
  • When you come across innovation in their field, forward them on. (Tip: use google alerts to be proactive). This makes you invaluable to them.
  • Forward on some of the more popular videos on YouTube. Then follow up highlighting the success of it.
  • Write an email in the style of this blog post with some ideas

Go ahead teach them by showing them.

I do this all the time and not surprisingly my clients now come to me with ideas.

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