bwagy blogging club referral

If you have arrived here you have been referred by a colleague, read here on everything the bwagy blogging club entails.  You then have to return here to use your discount code.

There are three packages available:

1) bwagy blogging club membership: $399
Secure your spot now, includes the bwagy blogging strategy.

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2) bwagy blogging club legends membership: $599
The legends membership includes a signed copy of The Best Ideas are Free and a half hour one on one session with me as well as the standard membership.

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3) bwagy blogging club startup package: $133 now, $133 in 1 month, $133 in 2 months.
For cash strapped startups, spread the cost out.

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bwagy blogging club legends membership startup package: $199 now, $199 in 1 month, $199 in 2 months.

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Note: If you have a discount code you can apply it after clicking the add to cart button.

After payment you can download the bwagy blogging strategy instantly and will receive an email with further instructions.