September 15th, 2008

Cogs are old school. Here is our business it runs automatically. It’s parts (employees) are cogs in a big system.

I hate the idea of cogs. I know that’s a strong word but i do.

Why do you think people go into the workforce excited, motivated and enthused. Then you see them 6 months later. Doing another day at the office. Sigh.

They have become cogs. Sad thing is this transpires to the rest of their life. Lower ambitions, Less happy, Have the blinkers on.

Wake up! We don’t need cogs anymore. If you need cogs I suggest you are doing something wrong. Do a double take. There is potential for each and every employee to become a thinker in their own right.

Thinkers innovate, thinkers are happier, thinkers impress your customers.

Think about it.

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One Response to “Cogs”

  1. Gripnostril Says:

    Totally agree….even from my perspective as a cog. Worse, is when the “cog” is defined as such… the FTE” Interesting the other day, I was trying to find a “half FTE”…

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