Design for the wrong audience

December 2nd, 2008

Having had some photos taken for upcoming projects, one of the ‘poses’ I had to do was face one direction, but look at the camera.

It’s like doing something but twisting it so its not quite natural.

It’s like a book for those who don’t read

Or an mp3 player for those who aren’t tech savvy

Or a internet radio station for those who don’t listen to the radio

What product can you take out of its normal context and realign it?

Chances are you can blow open that space and own it.

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One Response to “Design for the wrong audience”

  1. aFuzu Says:

    Gah seems like i am not having very much luck today, first i woke up and trod on my cats foot.. Now i type in a comment and it goes to a white page! Ehh i knew i should of copied it to my clipboard thingo before i hit submit because it totally vanished. A day in the life of Fuzu lol, anyhow nice blog dude/dudette!

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