Discover How to Transfer Money between Countries Cheaply and Easily

Probably like you reading this article I shifted countries a couple of years ago from New Zealand to the United States.

And one of the problematic things, was transferring money back and forth. An occasional bill would pop up, or I would need to send money to friends or family.

Each time I did this, it was painful, the exchange rate was always a few cents below what the official rates were.

And then sometimes less money than I thought would arrive, that’s because I was getting charged fees at both ends. When it left New Zealand and it arrived in the United States.


It’s expensive enough moving countries, to not then have this happen as well.

What I then did is when friends wanted something from the US I would buy it and exchange for US dollars that way.

This got me by for a bit.

Then I found TransferWise, which kind of does the same thing but at scale, it connects multiple people in different countries to help you transfer money, at the proper exchange rate and avoid all the extra fees.

Simply put – it means more money when you send it.

If you are like me, do check it out, if you use this link you get the first 750 USD for free, saving you at least $35.

Let me know how you get on.