Doing something can be more important than the actual substance

October 8th, 2009

Perfectionists hate this but often doing something is more important than the actual substance.

That is the value you get from the action is more than the result.

Writing a blog has a halo effect, that is the actual writing and distribution of content on a daily basis is perceived to be high value, whether or not an observer reads each and every piece of content.

This is why entrepreneurs that focus on getting it 80% right, then evolving their product are so successful, the continual growth creates new opportunities for conversations.

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One Response to “Doing something can be more important than the actual substance”

  1. Ben Young Says:

    A fantastic example of this is in Politics (they do it all the time) speaking out on a matter to get kudos. Therefore they are viewed as taking a proactive view – yet often it is others that do the work.

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