Ideas in action: Seglet, revenues for rooftops

July 13th, 2010

Interesting note via Twitter today, @EmilyRHarris sent me a note to this press release by SEGlet it reads:

“Owners and Building Managers can now list their rooftops as available sites for leases and partnerships for solar energy, wind energy, urban agriculture and more. SEGlet automatically calculates solar radiation, wind speed and direction, and climate data about each rooftop listed so that energy and urban agriculture companies can quickly qualify the rooftops as compatible for their projects.”

I only blogged about this a couple of days ago (Rooftops are abundant) – it’s great to see ideas in action (and so quickly). ย It’s quite serendipitous, with so many people in the world no idea is original (really), it’s about those that move on them.

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One Response to “Ideas in action: Seglet, revenues for rooftops”

  1. Ariel Levin Says:

    This idea is already practiced in Israel.
    The government subsidised solar power panels to be installed on roofs of commercial properties and the power generated is sold back the the power company.

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