Intellectual Narrative Non-Fiction (aka stories with lessons)

July 12th, 2010

Very technical, but essentially this is what Tom Peters, Seth Godin, Malcolm Gladwell all do.

They share business stories that teach lessons.

Just the same way legends have been passed down, engaging stories with lessons behind them.

And guess what? It works, presenting the knowledge in that fashion gets cut through and if the objective is message absorption is the objective they (and you) win.

Stories that get through matter, speaking above or beyond peoples capabilities just alienates them. ย This is the exact reason why these authors do so well.

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One Response to “Intellectual Narrative Non-Fiction (aka stories with lessons)”

  1. Jason Armishaw Says:

    So true. Some books are so hard to read when they’re all bullet points, stats and figures. I’ve never read anything of Tom Peters but I can certainly vouch for the Seth and Malcolm.

    Jason Armishaw

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